Scoping the GNI Project

In March 2015, NEI and PGS organized a scoping meeting in Washington, D.C. for their new joint project, the Global Nexus Initiative (GNI): Where Climate, Nuclear, and Security Meet. The meeting was designed to identify key issues to explore at the GNI’s four workshops which will take place during the course of this two year project. More than a dozen international experts gathered to listen to and discuss presentations on climate change, nuclear power, and global security.

The discussion was organized into four sessions:

The Potential of Nuclear Energy for Addressing Climate Change
Sonny Kim and Jae Edmonds | Joint Global Change Research Institute, PNNL

Global Nuclear New Build and Technology Expansion
Jonathan Hinze
| UxC

Identifying the Global Security Implications of Climate Change
Francesco Femia and Caitlin Werrell | The Center for Climate and Security

Ensuring Effective Global Nuclear and Radiological Security
Kenneth N. Luongo | Partnership for Global Security