GNI at the 2016 NIS

The Global Nexus Initiative (GNI) project offered participants at the 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit (NIS) the chance to learn about the project at a special booth in the 2016 NIS Exhibition Hall. Co-located with the official 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, the Exhibition Hall provided representatives from governments, the U.S. national labs, the nuclear industry, the nongovernmental community, and journalists from around the world access to the the GNI project. The most common questions fielded by booth personnel involved outreach and how the group’s recommendations could be applied.

Tune to the 9:40 minute mark to view 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit Chairman Marvin Fertel’s remarks on collaborations between the industry and policy communities and value of the Global Nexus Initiative (GNI) during his opening remarks at the summit in Washington, D.C. on March 30, 2016. Fertel was the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), which is a joint partner with the Partnership for Global Security on the GNI project.