The Second Phase of the GNI Begins

Following the success of its initial two-year program, we are pleased to announce that the GNI began its second phase in January when its Working Group met in Washington, D.C.

The GNI, co-sponsored by the Nuclear Energy Institute and the Partnership for Global Security, brings together leading experts from the nuclear industry, nuclear security, and environmental communities to examine the complex challenge posed by the intersection of climate change, energy demand, and global security. Its initial project phase (2015-17) produced more than 20 actionable policy recommendations and the groundbreaking report, Nuclear Power for the Next Generation: Addressing Energy, Climate and Security Challenges, released last May.

In the second phase of its work, the group will focus on the evolving challenges created by the development and deployment of advanced nuclear reactors, emerging nuclear suppliers and newcomer nuclear states, and the geopolitical implications of nuclear power in this century.