Webcast: Deploying Safe and Secure Advanced Reactors for the Low-Carbon Economy

To announce the release of GNI’s new policy memo, Next Generation Nuclear Power: Value and Challenges of Transitioning to Advanced Technologiespress event was held in Washington D.C. on November 3, 2016 featuring GNI Working Group members Kenneth Luongo (PGS), Everett Redmond (NEI), and Armond Cohen (Clean Air Task Force) along with Todd Allen (Third Way).


About the Event

In order to meet the Paris agreement carbon reduction objectives, a new generation of advanced nuclear reactors may be necessary.

In a carbon constrained world, nuclear energy is an important contributor in pursuing this goal; however, it is becoming abundantly clear that the trajectory of global nuclear energy output will not be sufficient to close the gap from current emission trends to achieve the 2 degree target.

The next generation of reactors are at a critical crossroad between technology development and future deployment. Accelerating progress toward deployment of these new reactors is required if they are to meet the climate change and global energy needs of the mid-21st century and beyond. The Global Nexus Initiative will provide recommendations on how to do so from their new policy memo being released at this event.

The Global Nexus Initiative (GNI), formed in 2015, with the goal to develop innovative, realistic, and actionable policy solutions at the intersection of climate, nuclear and security issues. Meet the working group.