Graphics from Nuclear Power for the Next Generation
Get the word out about the challenges that we face! It will be difficult, if not impossible, to limit global temperature increases and decarbonize the global energy sector without a significant contribution from nuclear power. But, it also will be daunting to deploy nuclear power on the scale needed and with the public confidence required unless significant changes are made in the way the technology is brought to market and...
Webcast: Nuclear Power for the Next Generation
To announce the release of GNI's final report, Nuclear for the Next Generation, a press event will be held in Washington D.C. on May 2, 2017 featuring the President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, Maria Korsnick and GNI Working Group members Kenneth Luongo and Richard Rosenzweig. Archived Video Coming Soon   About the Event Formed in 2015, the Global Nexus Initiative (GNI) brings together for the first time leading experts from the nuclear industry, nuclear security, and environmental communities...
Nonproliferation, Nuclear Security and Advanced Reactors
Kenneth Luongo, President of PGS, spoke at the Third Way Advanced Reactor Summit in Washington DC on February 21. He addressed the need to take action to ensure that all advanced reactor designs minimize nuclear security and proliferation concerns and that none will contribute to global nuclear insecurity. For full remarks, READ or WATCH.
Webcast: Deploying Safe and Secure Advanced Reactors for the Low-Carbon Economy
To announce the release of GNI's new policy memo, Next Generation Nuclear Power: Value and Challenges of Transitioning to Advanced Technologies, a press event was held in Washington D.C. on November 3, 2016 featuring GNI Working Group members Kenneth Luongo (PGS), Everett Redmond (NEI), and Armond Cohen (Clean Air Task Force) along with Todd Allen (Third Way). About the Event In order to meet the Paris agreement carbon reduction objectives, a new generation of advanced nuclear reactors may be...
Video: Deploying Safe and Secure Advanced Reactors for the Low-Carbon Economy
  Members of the Global Nexus Initiative Working Group explain the value and challenges of deploying advanced nuclear reactors. Video features Armond Cohen (Clean Air Task Force), Melissa Mann (Urenco), and Everett Redmond (NEI). Read more about the role of advanced reactors in climate change and global security:
GNI at the 2016 NIS
The Global Nexus Initiative (GNI) project offered participants at the 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit (NIS) the chance to learn about the project at a special booth in the 2016 NIS Exhibition Hall. Co-located with the official 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, the Exhibition Hall provided representatives from governments, the U.S. national labs, the nuclear industry, the nongovernmental community, and journalists from around the world access to the the GNI project. The...
Video: Introducing the GNI Working Group
Member's of the Global Nexus Initiative Working Group describe their involvement in the project and the strengths of such a diverse and accomplished group. Featuring Amb. John Bernhard, Armond Cohen, Caroline Jorant, and Anita Nilsson.  
Video: Creating the Global Nexus Initiative
Kenneth Luongo from the Partnership for Global Security and Everett Redmond from the Nuclear Energy Institute discuss how the Global Nexus Initiative project was created and the unique nature of this non-traditional partnership.  
Video: Meeting the Climate, Nuclear, Security Challenge Members of the Global Nexus Initiative Working Group explain the multiple facets of the climate, nuclear, and security challenge. Video features Armond Cohen, Dr. Anita Nilsson, and Caroline Jorant.