Working Group
UAE Permanent Representative to the IAEA and Special Representative for International Nuclear Cooperation
Ambassador to the IAEA from Denmark (retired)
Former U.S. Ambassador to the IAEA (retired)
Co-founder and Executive Director, Clean Air Task Force
Vice President of Government Affairs and Advocacy, AREVA Inc.
President, SDRI Consulting
President, Partnership for Global Security
President, URENCO USA, Inc.
President Emeritus, Carnegie Institute for Science
President AN & Associates
Partner, Van Ness Feldman and former General Counsel, U.S. Department of Energy
(U.S. )
Senior Technical Advisor, New Reator and Advanced Technologies, Nuclear Energy Institute
President, Resources for the Future
Research Fellow, Hoover Institution
Director of Policy and Research, Canadian Nuclear Association
Director, Professor of Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition (RECNA)

GNI is a joint initiative of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and Partnership for Global Security (PGS). It is funded by generous grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York (Carnegie) and the MacArthur Foundation (MacArthur)

NEI’s mission is to foster the beneficial uses of nuclear technology before the U.S. Congress, the White House, and executive branch agencies, federal regulators, and state policy forums; proactively communicate accurate and timely information; and provide a unified industry voice on the global importance of nuclear energy and nuclear technology. NEI’s objective is to ensure the formation of policies that promote the beneficial uses of nuclear energy and technologies in the United States and around the world. Learn More.

PGS provides actionable responses to 21st century transnational security challenges using international and public-private partnerships to assess policy needs, identify effective strategies, and drive demonstrable results. PGS is constantly evaluating how the convergence of security, technology, and economic issues influence global nuclear challenges in the 21st century. Learn More.